Wells-Barkerville Community Forest Open House

Oct 6 2019

An October 6 2019 Community Forest Open House in the Wells Legion was attended by two dozen community members who provided valuable input to planning future activities.

The Open House was hosted jointly by the Community Forest and the University of Northern BC, and in one-on-one conversations and in small group discussions, UNBC students noted the many observations and suggestions from the community.

Earlier that day, and during the previous day as well, these same students participated in a tour of the community forest, so the students had some familiarity with the area when talking to residents.

For the Open House a variety of maps were spread out on tables and were the focal point for many of the discussions. Community members pointed to particular places in and near the community forest on the maps and described the attributes of those places that are special to them for a variety of reasons. Particular emphasis was placed on recreational and environmental values.

In the process notes were added to many of the maps and these, along with the student notebooks, will provide important information to planning the future of the community forest.