The Land

The Forest & The Land

The Wells-Barkerville Community Forest is 4,527 hectares of Engelmann Spruce, Sub Alpine Fir and Lodgepole Pine immediately north of the community of Wells, straddling Cornish Mountain and upper Big Valley Creek.

Wells is a small arts, outdoor recreation and gold mining community situated 90 kilometers east of the city of Quesnel in the central interior of British Columbia. The historic townsite of Barkerville is five kilometers east of Wells and the world renowned canoe circuit of the Bowron Lakes is 30 kilometers to the north. Wells and the community forest are at the headwaters of the Willow River, which flows north to join the Fraser River just east of the city of Prince George.


To maintain biodiversity 470 hectares are designated old growth management areas where there will be no commercial logging. Another 340 hectares is identified as caribou habitat where any activity is extremely curtailed.

To enhance biodiversity the company is systematically cultivating key portions of the community forest to increase tree species diversity and growth, develop mixed age stands of timber, provide enhanced wildlife habitat, and foster the growth of naturally occurring plants - particularly food and medicinal plants - and fungi.

The company is also in discussions about restoring biodiversity and fish habitat along the Willow River and Big Valley Creek.