District of Wells Council Directs Wells-Barkerville Community Forest Ltd. to Pursue Expansion

February 11, 2020

Wells-Barkerville Community Forest Ltd. will pursue, on behalf of Wells and area residents, an expansion of the community forest, District of Wells Council decided on February 11.

The Wells-Barkerville Community Forest is, at just over 4,500 hectares, one of the smallest of nearly 60 community forests in British Columbia. The allowable annual cut for the community forest is 5,000 cubic meters. Until recently that was the entire volume of timber allocated to community forests in the Quesnel Timber Supply Area. But in November the provincial government increased the allowable annual cut allocated to community forests in the Timber Supply Area to 77,000 cubic meters. 

Other communities in the area, most notably the City of Quesnel, will want to create community forests and obtain some of the new allowable annual cut.  But Wells-Barkerville Community Forest Ltd has also started work on an application to expand. Wells and area residents will have an opportunity to participate in developing the application, and the final application will be reviewed by the District of Wells Council before it is submitted to the provincial government.