Wells-Barkerville Community Forest has more than 30 kilometers of motorized (snowmobile and ATV) and non-motorized (hiking, biking, cross country ski and snowshoe) trails.

The latest addition, the three kilometer Cornish Mountain Trail, was opened in 2018.

These trails, many of them developed by the Wells and Area Trails Society (WATS), are an important part of the Wells lifestyle. They are also an important economic asset to the community, attracting visitors who support jobs and businesses by purchasing meals, groceries, accommodation and other services and supplies.

In fact, the desire to protect and expand the trail network was one of the main reasons why Wells-Barkerville residents began to seek more control over the local forest in the 1980s and 1990s.

Development of the trails began with miners looking for gold in the 1860s and has continued since then.

In the 1990s WATS developed a plan to expand the trail system on Cornish Mountain within what is now the community forest.

Following the designation of the community forest in 2014 the development of the Cornish Mountain Summit Trail was identified as a priority, and this three kilometer trail was completed in 2018.

In 2019 the community forest and WATS began detailed planning began for the School to Forest Trail, a 490 meter trail that would extend north from Dawson Street, just across the street from the Wells-Barkerville Community School, across the meadow and the Willow River and on to the east-west Coronado Trail in the community forest.

This portion of the forest has been designated “The Learning Forest” where education and research will be a priority. The School to Forest Trail will enable the school’s teachers and students to use The Learning Forest as a living classroom.

Where this trail crosses the meadow it would be boardwalk. This would be the first all season dry connection between the community and the trail system on Cornish Mountain, and the most direct, so it will encourage considerably increased use of those trails.