To allow biodiversity enhancement initiatives, to create openings to establish growing forest and to generate revenue 25,000 cubic meters of timber was harvested in the five years since the community forest agreement was signed; the agreement specifies an allowable annual cut of 5,000 cubic meters. Overmature and dying timber was harvested from small clearcuts or was selectively logged.

Small piles of logs were left in the clearcuts to create denning habitat for fishers and other wildlife, and top quality conifer seedlings were planted to ensure rapid reforestation. Future plantings may include birch to further enhance biodiversity.


The timber was sold to West Fraser Mills, and that company took responsibility for harvest planning, cutting, trucking and reforestation. The 25,000 cubic meters to be logged between 2019 to 2024 has also been sold to West Fraser and will probably be harvested in 2019.

Revenue from the sale of the timber pays for Wells-Barkerville Community Forest Limited’s operating costs and a sizeable portion of the revenue has gone to the District of Wells to help meet budget shortfalls caused by the community’s small tax base and aging infrastructure.