Community Objectives

The Wells-Barkerville application for a community forest agreement, particularly the proposed management plan, drew on more than a decade of community meetings to identify the community’s objectives for the forest.

The agreement was finalized in late 2014, and in 2015 the community met again to 2015 to review and further articulate the objectives, as follows:

Vision Statement

The vision of the Wells Barkerville Community Forest (WBCF) is to manage, harvest, protect and expand the timber and non-timber resources of the Community Forest in an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and transparent fashion, for the benefit of the Community of Wells.

Goals, objectives or actions for each section of the vision

Environmentally Sustainable:

  • To manage the Community Forest land base so that it is healthy and producing at a growth rate higher than we received in 2014.
  • Utilize a silviculture management system (whole cycle through harvest, regeneration and growth management) that is appropriate for the Community Forest’s geography and vegetation
  • Promote sustainability of all resources, including non-timber resources
  • Promote habitat management and maintain biodiversity
  • To meet or exceed Provincial standards for environmental management

Socially Sustainable:

  • To build a strong Community relationship where the majority understands, supports and trusts the WBCFC
  • To develop local pride for the CF
  • Promote community participate and open dialogue
  • Promote recreation in the Community Forest
  • Promote education through the Community Forest
  • Develop effective communication strategies to keep the shareholder, stakeholders and the community involved

Economically Sustainable:

  • Operate the Community Forest to provide economic value to the shareholder
  • Increase and support local jobs by tendering contracts locally where possible and viable
  • Promote value-added manufacturing by allowing local manufacturers access to wood
  • Ensure sound fiscal management to find the balance between a necessary profit margin and a forestry system that respects the ecosystem
  • Goal to increase timber harvest land base and AAC


  • Display fairness and integrity in dealing with all Stakeholders (customers, employees, contractors, suppliers, and members of the public)
  • Be open, honest and accountable in communications with stakeholders
  • Respect the diversity of opinions and values of the community