Community Leadership

The Wells-Barkerville community began making plans for a community forest in the late 1990s. The objectives, ownership, and possible management structure were continually discussed and refined in community meetings leading to the first request for a community forest agreement in 2004, and then in negotiations with the provincial government and the development of the formal application for the agreement submitted in August 2013.

The application included a proposed management plan that included the objectives decided by the community, and when the agreement was finalized in December 2014 this management plan was accepted as the plan required by the agreement.

During 2015 the community met again to review and further articulate the objectives for the community forest. In 2015 the community also decided it would not do the first logging in the community forest itself, but instead sell the wood as standing timber.

In 2016 the community met to evaluate offers to purchase the standing timber and an offer from West Fraser Mills was accepted.

Community members were able to provide more specific ideas during tours of the forest in 2017 and 2018, and at an open house in 2018. To prepare for long term planning, social and environmental values important to the community at specific sites in the community forest were identified at an open house in 2019 and in one-on-one interviews as part of a detailed mapping project.

In the late summer or early fall of 2020 the community will discuss detailed plans for the next logging activity and will also discuss a possible expansion of the community forest.